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curiousity leads to odd places
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Eye to I: The siren's song by LittleBlackBird79 Eye to I: The siren's song :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 8 5
Leave me in the dust
I try to make do
with this carcass I am, I drag it
along decomposing slab of meat, even
the blood is drained.
Now prostrate. Statue carved
monochrome and postmodern bullshit. In front
of city attic plants and mazes, branches cry yellow
leaves that last year didn't even want to
Compared to me, they must seem
so alive.
"I should have been a pair of claws" throw me in the ocean
at least it's dark and silent
enough, my
cigarette breath won't
pollute anyone's dreams
down here
No one will touch
the minutes unmoving, life-alone, yeah. Like
it's anything I've lived
Victim of my own veins, just spilling vapours that would only cause rare
They should have left me in the dust where they found me.
:iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 2 3
Please don't look at me by LittleBlackBird79 Please don't look at me :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 2 0 everything is illuminated by LittleBlackBird79 everything is illuminated :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 2 1 fading into fog by LittleBlackBird79 fading into fog :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 5 2 From our chaos by LittleBlackBird79 From our chaos :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 4 1 nothing and everything by LittleBlackBird79 nothing and everything :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 3 1 Eye to I by LittleBlackBird79 Eye to I :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 26 15
Soul fragment n.2- when you became the sky...
The Sky had a strange way of making you fall in love with it. Especially when you saw it in your sleep.
It made you want to wake up.
It would float there, filling the world with something it longed for, something it needed, something the wind sung for, something everyone saw. Without eyes, without knowing.
Sky. With or without clouds. A painting God must have left, unfinished, before he
went away.
I saw it. Behind trees, houses, land, dreams. It was always there, even when it wasn't.
I saw what I wanted. Shapeless nothing, escaping contour, a quick sketch of the unknown. I made a cloud into a bird. Bird-shaped hope,
that lost it's way, flying somewhere far, when the light left moaning. Night with no moon.
Now with nothing to see, the sky fades away.
Now the light's too painful for me, for my eyes, so used to waiting for it, buried in a deep frost warmth of shadow, somewhere down here.
The Sky was strange, always promising a silent welcome in those eyes. Silence, it seemed you understoo
:iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 4 6
Daytime Ghosts n.2- what I see by LittleBlackBird79 Daytime Ghosts n.2- what I see :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 2 0 Daytime Ghosts n.1 -doodle mix by LittleBlackBird79 Daytime Ghosts n.1 -doodle mix :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 2 1 Cartoon Mystic- Two Drifters by LittleBlackBird79 Cartoon Mystic- Two Drifters :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 18 7
Soul fragment n.1
I cast a shadow like everyone else.
There are better drawers than me. I know them. There are better writers than me. I know them. There are better singers, better friends, better listeners, better beauties, better girls to be in love with. I know them.
I am just here. Alive. Heart beating blood and dreams. If you don't care for me, that's fine. If you do, i'll give you a smile, a word, then we'll enjoy the sun and that bird in the distance. It makes us feel alive.
I want to be alive. I want to be alive with you, with the world.
Because we're all going to die not "with a bang, but with a whimper". So let's make the most out of it before we're there.
Sing a made-up song. Go on the road.
Now dance in the rain, tell them you love them while the sun's still shinin'
Tell E you love him while your sun's still shinin'
:iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 1 3
Who are you? by LittleBlackBird79 Who are you? :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 8 1
Experimentation - Ernesto
Ernesto's lyin on the floor. I think he's dead. On the sidewalk, outside. Sun's out. Birds singin. Noboby 'round though. I am alone. I have a metal thing in my hand, i think it's a bicylcle wheel without the tire. Broke probably. I'm not buyin a new one. It's got blood on it, kinda all over the place, sticky, like old honey. Birds singin.
I think Ernesto's dead. Poor guy. Just kinda lyin there, his eyes lookin up at me, kinda half open like he can still see me but also seein all the ghosts of dead people, our ancestors or somethin.
How sad it must be to be trapped 'tween two places like that. Like not alive but not really dead. I think Ernesto used to be like that when he was still live. Now that he's dead, he still stuck there.
Must suck. Poor guy.
I love him. Well loved him. Love him. Dunno how should I say it? Damn, I feel weird. C'mon, Ernesto. Don't lay there. Give me a little smile, Ernesto.
I never got good grades in English ya know, writing and stuff, though I always li
:iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 3 9
Memory by LittleBlackBird79 Memory :iconlittleblackbird79:LittleBlackBird79 8 1
The chronology of an enduring illusion


Something Wicked by NTGreen Something Wicked :iconntgreen:NTGreen 1,097 153 The Homer Horror Picture Show by Claudia-R The Homer Horror Picture Show :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 205 138 What's ahead? by derkert What's ahead? :iconderkert:derkert 45 37 Look Straight Ahead no.4 cover by dlmx-13 Look Straight Ahead no.4 cover :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 68 22 Look Straight Ahead page 1 by dlmx-13 Look Straight Ahead page 1 :icondlmx-13:dlmx-13 502 40 Who am I? by Werwolfin Who am I? :iconwerwolfin:Werwolfin 35 5 Alexandra 05 by Boas73 Alexandra 05 :iconboas73:Boas73 781 55
Rap vs. poetry
Most writings about the difference between rapping and poetry are merely an artificial opportunity to note the difference between Snoop Dogg and Edgar Allen Poe or some such mismatching. Of course, we should look at the two art forms with a fair, levelled comparison, or at least objectively.
Just as raps have a stereotypical subject matter, poetry could be thought of as being solely about crying, love and over-dramatic metaphor. Let's pluck a poem from the depths of
"And the sun peeps over the horizon
where the sky meets earth
her rays stretch out and
caress Your face
i look down and marvel at Your
Of course, having been written by an unskilled poet with sub-standard grammar (that is, there is no significance of the grammar used in the poem), it's not really better than Snoop Dogg. If we compare it to a rap by a skilful rapper:
"Right before he pulled the trigger and ended her life,
He thought about the cocaine with the platinum and ice
And he felt st
:iconthe-cheek:the-cheek 196 157
color owl tattoo by Remistattoo color owl tattoo :iconremistattoo:Remistattoo 1,231 94 Hunger by VanLogan Hunger :iconvanlogan:VanLogan 27 4 character design by VanLogan character design :iconvanlogan:VanLogan 23 0 Ghoul by VanLogan Ghoul :iconvanlogan:VanLogan 19 6 Cthulhu by SHadoW-Net Cthulhu :iconshadow-net:SHadoW-Net 3,571 350 Cthulhu mask, metallic black and silver by shmeeden Cthulhu mask, metallic black and silver :iconshmeeden:shmeeden 3,528 279 me by murocracia me :iconmurocracia:murocracia 511 37 soundless by Skirill soundless :iconskirill:Skirill 468 102
I spy wth my little eye something... interesting



Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Where they strung up a man they say murdered three.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Where the dead man called out for his love to flee.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Where I told you to run so we'd both be free.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

Are you, are you
Coming to the tree
Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me.
Strange things did happen here
No stranger would it be
If we met up at midnight in the hanging tree.

-"The Hanging tree", from "Mockingjay", third book of "the Hunger Games" trilogy by Suzanne Collins,


LittleBlackBird79's Profile Picture
the fool of Serendip
Artist | Student | Varied

I want the poetry of life to live inside my bones.Although I constantly endure a steady oscillation between enchantment and disenchantment with the world, I want to feel it's beauty and it's misery. I want to see, feel, listen, taste the world as fully as possible, while letting the universe play it's music through me.

The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the power of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.
-Albert Einstein

"I consider that the natural biological manner of living is constitutively aesthetic and effortless, and that we have become culturally blind to this condition. In this blindness we have made of beauty a commodity, creating ugliness in all dimensions of our living, and through that ugliness, more blindness in the loss of our capacity to see, to hear, to smell, to touch, and to understand, the interconnectedness of the biosphere to which we belong. We have transformed aesthetics into art, health into medicine, science into technology, human beings into the public, ..., and in this way we have lost the poetic look that permitted us to live our daily life as an aesthetic experience. Finally, in that loss, wisdom is lost. What is the cure? The creation of the desire to live again, as a natural feature of our biosphere, the effortlessness of a multidimensional human living in a daily life of aesthetic experiences".

Humberto R. Maturan



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